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GST Act 2017+Rules +Amendment Act 2019 + Finance Act 2020 +
Finance Act 2021 + Finance Bill 2022

The Course covers GST from Basic to Advanced level covering legal aspects, major compliances, amendments, Sections, precautions to minimize disputes with the GST department, Handling assessments, GST Health Check-up, along with case studies. Certificate from KJ Classes Signed by CA Kapil Jain also be given after the completion of course.
The batch will be delivered by CA Kapil Jain, who has trained more than 20,000 professionals across India. He is a well-known GST Expert and National Level Eminent Speaker in seminars and workshops on GST

The course is the recorded version of our latest LIVE GST Course to give you the real class experience and clear maximum doubts

You can access this course on Your COMPUTER or LAPTOP

Google Drive Classes for (6 months)

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₹20,000 ₹10,000

₹6,490 Today

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Who can attend this Complete GST Certification Course?


Finance professionals like CA/CS/CMA/Lawyers who deal in taxation to meet their professional needs.

Finance Person

Professionals who want to shift from finance to Taxation domain.


Business Heads, Business Owners, CEO, CFO, Finance Directors, Tax Directors, Analysts, Department Heads and Project Heads

Tax practitioners

GST Practitioners and Income Tax Practitioners.


Individuals/beginners seeking career opportunities in the taxation domain.


SMEs, Traders, Tax Officials, Finance and Accounts Officers,

B. com aspirants who want to learn GST practically


LLB practitioners and aspirants


Student & Accountant

Course Content

Overview of the Content

♦Short, Title & Commencement (Section 1)

♦Important Definitions. (Section 2)

♦Constitution Background (Constitution Amendment Act)

♦Charging Section (Section 9)

♦Reverse Charge (Section 9 (3), (4), (5))

♦Composition Scheme (Section 10)

♦Exemptions (Section 11)

♦GST Compensation Cess

♦Online Registration in GST. (Section 25)

    ♦ GST REG-01- Application.

    ♦GST REG-02- Acknowledgement.

    ♦GST REG-06- Certificate.

♦Persons required to be registered. (Section 22 & 24)

♦Persons Not Liable to be registered. (Section 23 with Notifications)

♦Deemed Registration. (Section 26)

♦Casual Taxable Person. (Section 27)

♦Amendment in Registration. (Section-28)

♦Cancellation of Registration. (Section-29)

♦Revocation of Registration. (Section-30)

♦Online Filing of Various Return Form on Original Client Data 

i.e. GSTR-I, IFF, GSTR-3B, GSTR-4, and Annual Return (GSTR-9, GSTR-9A, GSTR-9C) Types of Returns. (Annual Return, First Return, Final Return)

♦ GSTR-1, IFF (Section 37)

♦ GSTR-3B, GSTR-4, (Section 39)

♦ First Return (Section 40)

♦Notice to Return Defaulters. (Section 46)

♦Levy of Late Fee. (Section 47)

♦Goods and Services Tax Practitioners. (Section 48)

♦Eligibility & Conditions for taking ITC (Section-16)

♦Block Credit (Section-17)

♦Availability of Credit in Special Cases (Section-18)

♦Online Application of ITC Forms (ITC-01 to ITC-04)

♦ITC for Job Work (Section-19)

♦ITC Distribution by ISD (section-20)

Tax Invoices & E-Invoicing (Section 31)

Registered Person can Issue Tax Invoice (Section 32)

♦Tax should be mentioned on the Tax Invoice (Section 33)

♦Credit and Debit Invoice (Section 34)

♦Accounts & Records Maintain (Section 35)

♦Period of Retention (Section 36)

♦Taxation of International Tourist

♦Payment of Tax, Interest, Penalty and other charges (Section 49)

♦Interest on delayed payment of tax (Section 50)

♦Meaning of Supply (Section-7) With Schedule I, II, III

♦Composite and Mixed Supply (Section -8)

♦Place of Supply of Goods and Services (Section 10-14 of IGST)

♦Value of Supply (Section 15 with Rules)

♦Time of Supply (Section 13-14)

♦Determination of Nature of Supply (Inter-State or Intra State) (Section 7-9)(IGST)

♦Zero Rated Supply (Section 16)(IGST)

  • Online Application of GST Refund.
  • Refund of Tax (Section-54)
  • Refund in Certain Cases (Section-55)
  • Interest on Delayed Refunds (Section-56)
  • Consumer Welfare Fund (Section-57)
  • Utilization of Fund (Section-58)
  • Tax Deduction at source (Section 51)
  • Collect of Tax at Source – E-Commerce (Section 52)

♦Audit (Section 65)

♦Special Audit (Section 66)

♦E-Way Bill Theory and Practical

♦Inspection of Goods in Movement (Section 68 read with Rules)

♦Detention, seizure and release of goods and conveyance in transit (Section 129)

♦Confiscation of goods or conveyances and levy of Penalty (Section 130)

♦Self-Assessment (Sec-59)

♦Provisional Assessment (Sec-60)

♦Scrutiny of Returns (Sec-61)

♦Assessment of Non-Filers of Returns (Sec-62)

♦Assessment of unregistered Person (Sec-63)

♦Summary Assessment in Certain Special Cases (Sec-64)

♦Power to summon persons to give evidence and produce documents (Sec-70)

♦Determination of Tax not Paid or Short Paid/ITC Wrongly availed by other than Fraud (Sec-73)

♦Determination of Tax not paid or Short Paid/ITC Wrongly Availed by Fraud (Sec-74)

♦General Provisions relating to Determination of Tax (Sec-76)

♦Initiation of recovery proceedings. (If not paid Tax within 3 Months of Order) (Sec-78)

♦Recovery of Tax (Sec-79)

♦Definitions of Advance Ruling (Sec-95)

♦Authority for Advance Ruling (Sec-96)

♦Application for Advance Ruling (Sec-97)

♦Appeals to Appellate Authority (Sec-107)

♦How to Reply Notice

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Massive Final Grand Bonus –Access to interactive Query Resolution With CA Kapil Jain(Unlimited Value) 

Kapil Jain is so committed for the success of his members that he does Q&A live session where he answers all the queries asked by the live attendees.

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Meet your Instructor at KJ Classes

FCA Kapil Jain

FCA (Fellow Chartered Accountant)

FCA is a designation awarded to a Chartered Accountant. FCA is intended to designate those who have achieved a higher level of professional experience.

Conducted 125+ Seminars || TRANSFORMED 2,00,000+ people till date

Professional GST Expert since the past 10 Years

kapil jain

FCA Kapil Jain (CA, CS, DISA, Faculty ICAI) Indirect Taxes (IPCC/Final) is a Dynamic Chartered Accountant. He passed both the Groups of CA (Intermediate) and CA (Final) Examinations in First Attempt. He conducted lots of seminars for CA, CS, CMA Students and also deliver lots of seminars for industries all over the Country. He has very friendly behaviours with students. His teaching style is awesome and teaches through hi-tech technology and audio-visual techniques He has made a complex INDIRECT TAX subject very interesting and simple. His way of teaching methodology targeted understanding intricate provisions of law with the illustration and practical knowledge of the Industry. His Fantastic Approach towards the subject creates interest in the subject and his students always produce the Best Results. He has been a visiting faculty of ICAI and has very rich experience of teaching students and delivered n number of seminars on GST. He also has a YouTube Channel KJCLASSES which have more than 155 Thousand Subscribers.

We value our Students
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KJ Classes has trained more then 1,00,000 students in past years

Kj Clases

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₹6,490 Today

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Frequently Ask Question

Most frequent questions and answers

Course Duration of the course is more than 120 Hours.

The study material will be sent in Pdf format on the participants registered email id or with course.

Yes, the pdf study material is provided. you can take the printout of the same.

It’s a pre-recorded course, you can Access at your convenience.

We recommend Laptop and PC only.

After completion of the course, A online Test will be organize with FCA kapil Jain. After qualifying the certificate will be sent in 7 days.

Bring your Career on the right track!

One-Stop Solution For all your GST Requirements, This is your Complete Course on Goods & services TAX.

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(67% OFF Discount Coupon Pre-Applied) 

₹20,000 ₹10,000

₹6,490 Today

(include GST)


Please note – The content inside the Course program is the intellectual property of KJ CLASSES. The content cannot be reproduced, re-shared or resold without permission. Legal action + a fine of Rs. 10 Lakhs would be imposed upon anyone caught doing so

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  • Mode of class : Pen Drive
  • Format : Video Classes
  • Total Views Per Video: unlimited
  • Updates Period: 6 Months
  • Validity of Classes: 6 Months


  • Pen Drive Course is the recorded version of our latest GST Course to give you the real class experience and clear maximum doubts.
  • GST Notes (Soft Copy) by FCA Kapil Jain
  • Free access to interactive Query resolution with FCA Kapil Jain for 6 Months
  • Updates on amendments via Google Drive for 6 Months So No need to worry about amendments.
  • No Internet Usage ( Easy to Use )
  • Unlimited Views for 6 Months
  • Pen Drive Valid for 6 Months
  • Detailed Course of more than 120+ hrs.
  • Save your Time & Money on Traveling
  • Grow your Knowledge of GST and stay updated with us


  • Price : 6500/-